Pik'bil Huipiles

Precious White Textile

Pik'bil Revival

This thin and delicate textile called Pik'bil  was originally worn by elite women participating in ceremonies and celebrations in the pre-columbian era.   Its intricate weaving demands a high level of craftsmanship, materials, and time, making this delicate, gauze-like fabric desired over other fabrics and garments.  


Today,  for the same reasons it was favored the Pik'bil  technique is quickly being lost.  The increased time, materials, and skill required to create it are large investments many weavers are not willing to make.


Margarita (far left) is part of a group of women who are seeking to protect their weaving traditions.  Vacare In Forma is delighted to be partnering with Margarita and other Pik'bil weavers to offer this gorgeous expression of Mayan encestry and support the continuation of it.

The Pik'bil textiles we offer are in two forms; a traditional Huipil and as a Scarf.  A Huipil refers to  the traditional  hand woven blouse sthat Mayan women still wear today.  

Warm up your home with this beautifully hand crafted textile or wear it as a refined garment. Join those
who are weaving traditions into modernity.


Traditional Bags made of Cactus fiber.

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