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Vacare In Forma is a passion project, it is an expression of our inspiration steeped in culture, amazed by the creativity of the human spirit, it is the precipitation of gratitude for ancient knowledge and a celebration of cultural diversity.


Today, in a globalized market place, traditional designs have been taken to factories and simplified for mass production, stripping the identity of the communities they come from and separating the consumer from the story and intention of the original crafters. Blankets, fabrics, and carpets traditionally were not woven for commerce, they were woven as loving gifts for family, functionality, and as a continuation of tribal and ancestral identity. Wisdom is kept in many ways and when a blanket is woven, with each pass on the loom the weaver is weaving the past into present, an age-old tradition and manifestation of thousands of years of evolution. 

Vacare In Forma is dedicated to offering authentic expression of ancient cultures and telling the stories of the people and places that created them. This project is simple, it is a journey to the source.  Each item offered is a living library that tells of harvest and hardship and exhibits the beauty of resilience. 

Our mission is to be weavers ourselves, sharing stories and honoring the wisdom keepers and way-showers of our time. Community is like a container for expression and from expression the fabric of a culture is woven.

Vacare In Forma

The Void In Form (devotion to divinity in physical form)

Vacare in Forma

Julie ~n~ Jordan are based in Los Angeles and Paris.

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