Ahadoune Henna Dye

Ahadoune Henna Dye

This Ahadoune rug was made by a member Aït Sagrouchène tribe.  It was hand made 40-50 years ago in the village of Gourrama.  The style and design of this rug is extremely rare and truly one of a kind.  The raw wool offers a very soft texture and the colors come from natural dyes; the orange is made with Henna and the green from mint. 


Info Tribe :

Ait Saghrouchene big family Zenata. They consider coming from Molay Ali ben Amer Ben Yahya Ben Driss Denasti Idrissid. Regarding the legend, Molay Ali Ben Amer, their ancestor would dry a jackal that would devoured the sheaps.

"Saghr" means dry out and "Ouchene" means Jackcal.



  • Length: 106’’ 
  • Width: 58.5"
  • Material: Wool - raw sheap wool and henna / mint dye
  • Type: Area
  • Decor: Moroccan / Bohemian / Eclectic
  • Style: Glaoui
  • Tribe: Glaoua

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