Tichdifte Diamond 42X88’’

Tichdifte Diamond 42X88’’

This Tichdifte rug was hand knotted by a nomadic women named Ouazaz. in the High Atlas mountains.  The money from the carpet was used to send her children to school.  Her children live with her sister, who has chosen to live a sedentary lifestyle.  Today, many nomadic families are beginning to live a more hybrid lifestyle; either spending more time in each location, or sending their children to live with a relative in a farming town to have access to education.   


The weaver, Ouazaze, comes from the fraction Ait Brahim from the Tribe Ait Hadidou fraction of the high tribe Ait Yaflmane


Nomadic shepherds rarely weave for money.  For a nomad, the priority is their sheep.  Their flock is like their bank account.  Rugs are woven as part of their domestic lifestyle and the designs are part of their individual expression and cultural identity.  For nomads, rugs are about creating comfort on a an uncomfortable journey across rough terrain.  For a nomad, their home is a mountain range or an open desert and a rug can delineate their personal space in a vast open plain, it can provide warmth on a cold night and be an essential gift for a new family.  If a nomad sell a rugs, its to have enough money to buy materials to make a new rug or to replenish their flock. 


Size : 40X115’’

Material : raw sheap wool


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