The Ayache

The Ayache

This 50-55 year old piece is a relic of the ancient wool shawl (called a taghnaste).  Amazigh women belonging to the Aït Ayache Tribe commonly wore this particular shawl, or cape, into the early 20th century.  Among the Amazigh, textile designs signify tribal identity.  Morocco has a high diversity of tribes, tribal confederations, languages and tribal dialects.  Articles of clothing such as this, serve as visual extensions of each village and culture.


  • Length  : 6'5"    (77’’)
  • Width : 3'7"       (43")
  • Material : lamb wool with natural dyes
  • Type : Throw Rug, Throw Blanket, Wall Decor
  • Style : Handira / Boho Chic / Moroccan / Berber
  • Tribe : Aït Ayache
  • Region : High Atlas

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