Vintage Zayane

Vintage Zayane

Over 60 years years old and 100% wool, this hand made vintage Zayane carpet carries a story of resilience.  The Azayi (meaning Zayane in the regional dialect) are from the central region of the Middle Atlas mountain range, surrounding the village of Khénifra. They are known for their resiliance and tenacity in defending their ancestral lands during French Colonization.  


Info Tribe : Zayane Tribe or Izeyane in Amazighe language. It is a Berbere Tribe from the branch of Sanhaja.



  • Length: 8'7"     (103’’)
  • Width:   6"         (72")     
  • Material: Lamb Wool with Natural Dye
  • Type: Area Rug
  • Decor: Morrocan / Bohemian / Eclectic
  • Style: Zayane
  • Tribe: Azayi / Zayane
  • Region: Middle Atlas



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