Protecting the Weaving, loosing the thread

October 19, 2017

Guatemala has been one of the first seed. We meet there. We envision Vacare in Forma there, inspired by the art and knowledge of the Mayans.


Four years ago, I met the Mayan Cosmovision. It changed my life. Since then, the calendar is a very important tool of my life, as it helps me expanding my awarness about energies.

During my first trip, I discovered a culture, very alive, a very sad war history, a magnificient landscape, an intense volcanic energy and a unknown part of myself. I have an eternal gratitude for Guatemala. With Vacare in Forma, it is the opportunity to give thanks in collaborating with the people of the land. The presence of modern clothing and the ratio time/money is dissolving the knowledge. (It takes seven weeks to weave one PikBil Huipil, for exemple). With the passion and the faith, I went into a treasure hunt a found those womans who still weave their Cosmovision.

In Alta Verapaz, the white Huipil, named Pikbil, hold the sacredness of the environnement, weaving representations of human beings, birds, corn, leaves, mountains, stars... The Women gather as a Collective to find a way to sell their Art. From their tiny town with no electricity and all the daily obligations, it is an amazing way for them to open to closest cities and network that could be interested. They were very grateful for our project and really look forward to weave more precious textile for people all over the World.




Vacare in Forma is willing to support the conservation of this human expression.The mayan tradition and its cosmovision is carried by those threads. This is our sacred relationship to the Cosmos, the Earth and Humanity as One.


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